On behalf of the broadband industry, CableLabs launched the first 10G Challenge in October 2021 to inspire innovators to leverage the speed, security, reliability and low latency of the emerging 10G network. The Challenge was a success and six winners with technologies that will shape the way we LIVE, WORK, LEARN and PLAY have been chosen!

The 10G Challenge is powered by CableLabs in collaboration with industry experts to inspire innovators to leverage the emerging 10G network. The Challenge is designed to support developing technologies, services and applications that rely on the network of the future.

The 10G network is bringing higher internet speeds, more security, lower latency and improved reliability. 10G is a new, powerful broadband network that serves as a platform for innovators to develop new solutions that impact the way we live, work, learn and play.

CableLabs, a leading innovation lab, is committed to helping advance R&D and collaboration for a 10G future. We are innovators helping innovators accelerate the delivery of technologies that impact the world.

Live Icon: Heart Monitor


Judged in part by: Mayo Clinic

Healthcare is leading the way for technologies that improve and save lives. As healthcare innovation soars, new technologies will impact access, costs and health outcomes.

Work Icon: Laptop


Judged in part by: Corning

A suite of smart, intuitive technologies will transform the way we collaborate and solve problems, boosting creativity and productivity. From remote work to immersive demos, emerging technologies will make a big impact on the way we do business.

Learn Icon: Desktop


Judged in part by: Zoom

Learning will be amplified through VR worlds, light field holodecks and omnipresent AI assistance. With the right network speed and visionary thinking, this is where the classrooms of the future are headed.

Play Icon: Wii interactive game controller


Judged in part by: Intel

There are a myriad of services arising that will affect the way we play and entertain in the future. The world of gaming, concerts and movies is evolving to a new level of fun.

silhouette of person thinking of the evolution of tech. Icons show progression
10G Challenge Trophy

Six winners were chosen: One Grand Prize Winner, one winner in each category and a People’s Choice Winner.

The Grand Prize Winner and the category winners will be presenting their technology at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2022.

Grand Prize


One Grand Prize Winner will receive a $100,000 USD cash prize to help move their technology forward.

Category Winners


The winner of each category will receive a $50,000 USD cash prize to support the development of their technology.

People’s Choice


One contestant will be voted the People’s Choice Winner and will receive a $10,000 USD cash prize.