Entering the contest is easy. To submit, fill out the application and share a 3-minute video about your technology, service or application. The final deadline to submit is July 1, 2022 for consideration.

Your video should include:

  • What problem your technology solves
  • A description or demonstration of your solution
  • Why your technology is dependent on low latency, reliability, security and/or speed
  • How your solution impacts the way we LIVE, WORK, LEARN or PLAY


Submissions are open through July 1, 2022. People’s Choice voting will open on July 2, 2022.

The Categories

Live Icon: Heart Monitor


Judged in part by: Mayo Clinic

Healthcare is leading the way for technologies that improve and save lives. As healthcare innovation soars, new technologies will impact access, costs, and health outcomes.

Work Icon: Laptop


Judged by: Corning

A suite of smart, intuitive technologies will transform the way we collaborate and solve problems, boosting creativity and productivity. From remote work to immersive demos, emerging technologies will make a big impact on the way we do business.

Learn Icon: Desktop


Judged in part by: Zoom

Learning will be amplified through VR worlds, light field holodecks, and omnipresent AI assistance. With the right network speed and visionary thinking, this is where the classrooms of the future are headed.

Play Icon: Wii interactive game controller


Judged in part by: Intel

There are a myriad of services arising that will affect the way we play and entertain in the future. The world of gaming, concerts, and movies is evolving to a new level of fun.

If you prefer to work offline, please download this PDF application. You’ll need to copy this information into the online form below to submit.